iTTR – 6010 Machine

iTTR – 6010 Machine


iTTR-6010 machine repacker
Tape and Reel Operation / Detaping Operation
Tape-to-Tape / Tray-to-Tape Operation

System Operation:
Tape and Reel / Detaping Machine
(Tape or Tray to Tape Transfer Machine)


- Can cater carrier tape sizes 8mm to 16mm
- Capable to handle die sizes as small as 0.5mm
- Capable to handle TEA, WFN, QFP, BGA, SOIC, TSSOP family devices
- Capable to process up to 5,000 UPH
- Automatic fill up of parts on tape and reel from jedec tray to waffle tray
- Automatic rejection of defective parts due to inspection
- Capable of detecting the correct die orientation and absence of mark and optional marking defect
- Capable of detecting black coated dies
- User friendly, easy operator interface
- Touch screen LCD monitor / WindowsOperating System
- Password protection access for different users
- High performance PLC
- Motor-driven assemblies (closed-loop stepping motors) with encoder feedback system with accurate positioning control that can operate at high-speed conditions
- Made in the Philippines!